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Tha Den Gaming strives to bring you the best looking and most fun to play 3D Board Games. We develop and play all our games to better serve you.


In The End: Faith in Humanity Available for pre order!

In The End: Faith in Humanity now on indiegogo. Release of 7-1-21

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Gaming geared towards Adults

Here at Tha Den Gaming we strive to bring you and your friends fast paced adult oriented gaming. It is our goal to leave you and your Den a gaming night to remember.
So how do we do this? Simple we develop and publish games that are fast, fun, easy to learn and hard to master. Our games are polished and ready to play.
We have streamlined rules encourage house rules and focus on the most important aspect of gaming... the Fun!
One last thing before you dive into our site. Some things we sell are Adult Only. You have been warned.


In The End Faith in Humanity

Tha Den Gaming Highlight

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In The End Faith In Humanity

In The End Faith in Humanity is a board game set in a post apocalyptic world. Take the role of one of 6 survivors. Discover their individual stories. Meet menacing bosses. All in the quest to find Sanctuary.
In The End Faith In Humanity is either a co-op or Competitive game. With loads of events, items, and multiple bosses the replay value is through the roof.
Can you guide one of Xavier, Meg, Wesley, Mrs Smith, Carter, or Earl to the safety of Sanctuary. Or will you lead one of them to their death.

Zombie Game Cover.jpg

Zombie Game

Zombie Game is the ultimate Zombie Role Playing Game. It is easy and fast paced with loads of Character options. Think hardcore rpg set in the zombie apocalypse. This is that game. Character Leveling multiple missions, character and party changing decisions.
Zombie Game has it all. Easy to pick up and play with several different ways to get into the action.
Don't wanna spend for a Campaign Pack? Cool buy a mission pack. Want to expand that Mission Pack buy another or buy some miniatures and make your own.
The Zombie Apocalypse was never so much fun.

Nightmare Set Back of card.png

Nightmare Set Horror Card Game

Nightmare Set Horror Card Game is set to be launched on 5-1-21. It is a game where you must gather Survivors and Horrors to kill the other players.
With a Unique Combat system Event Cards, Item Cards, and Character Cards the violence is fast and terrifying. The game can be played with 2-6 players. Warning this game is made for adult players.



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